Friday, 14 March 2014

The Ships they are a Sailin'

Well, I'm just so super stoked for Shem right now.
The Kickstarter campaign for his board game Shipwrights of the North Sea just finished with a resounding success. Reaching almost 10 times his base target ... he required $8k for it to go to press, and ended with huge $73,642.
All push goals were reached ... so it's going to be fully pimped out; can't wait to see it in it's full glory.

Congrats Shem and Garphill Games, job well done!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Off school today with a suspected case of the Rotavirus, my son of 5 lay upon the couch watching a couple of Hayao Miyazaki's (of whom I'm a huge fan) flicks: 'Ponyo' and 'Castle in the Sky', followed by yet another, 'Arietty', oh, and then another 'Porco Rosso' - Ghibli sure do put out some great animations.
While the back to back movie screenings were in progress, I decided it was a fine time to finish one of my numerous 'partly painted' numbers I have lying around here. I had painted the chain mail on his chest and the armour plate on his belly, but for some reason, ten or so years back, had stopped there.
I'd picked him up many a time over the years and admired him, thinking "One day". Well, today was that day.

One of Heartbreaker's 'Plague Knights'.

Already has a home in a new SoBH warband.

I think he turned out not too badly, well, good enough for the table at least ;)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

All Aboard!

It's always around bedtime the kids, especially my daughter, become especially interested in playing a board game (funny that). 9 times out of 10 I'm all "Off to bed with you, it's a school night!" ...but tonight I crumbled.

"Can we have a quick game of Ticket to Ride?" she'd asked, giving me that yearning puppy dog stare. I'm a big fan of T2R (I have the T2R:Europe edition) ~ It's so much fun, easy to play, has a good dose of tension, the play-time easily fits within an hour or less ...and it just looks great! She knew she had me.

Well, in the end, I actually had her ~ but a fun time was had by all. She certainly isn't a "bad loser", taking any loss in her stride, exclaiming she'll "get me next time" ;)

'When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning'- Dr. Reiner Knizia

Drinks at the games table are usually cause for summary execution.

The final track layout. I (red ...always red) managed to avoid (with some luck) using any of my stations.

Tired after a hard evening's work.

My tickets to ride ;)

I must say, the upcoming Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition is looking rather sweet. I've been considering acquiring another T2R ...and I think that may just be the ticket I'm looking for ;)