Thursday, 26 February 2015

Only the foolish visit the Land of the Cannibals

After a rather lengthy Summer school holidays spent wrangling the young'uns, followed by about a month of being under the weather with some nasty bug ~ which I must say has still got the remnants of it's claws in me; I have managed to get a few more items created for my Robinson Crusoe: AotCI set.

Four Cannibal Villages and the Cannibal City have sprung up; all ready to house a plethora of esurient  natives with a penchant for tasty castaway morsels.

Almost looks like a tropical resort ....almost.

Every cannibal dwelling needs a water feature.

Ahh... the soothing sound of falling water.

Fresh herbs growing out the back ...for that bouquet garni.

Hmmm ...what's for breakfast?

Sooo tranquil...

Have you tried the salt'n'pepper back rub?

Bleached bones ...tourists LOVE bleached bones.

A couple of quick sketches before the main sculpt.