Pimp my Game - Mice and Mystics

For some of my games, my favourite games, I on occasion like to give them a bit of a makeover.
Upgrading the components, wrangling things to make for a faster set-up, adding a bit of extra sparkle and such.

First up is...

Mice and Mystics
A fabulous fantasy adventure game with a superb background story from Plaid Hat Games. It comes with beautiful (unpainted) figurines and many cardboard tokens with very good artwork .. but sometimes you want something a little more.
So I've been converting various tokens to 3 dimensional pieces (made using polymer clays) and painting up the figurines. It's all still a work in progress, but here is some of what has been done so far...

Traditional Camembert, Blue Brie, Brie rolled in Vine Ash and Swiss.

So much more satisfying to grab a nice weighty wedge.

Nom nom nom.

Good morning, Sir. Welcome to the National Cheese Emporium!

I was asked on BoardGameGeek how I had constructed the cheese wedges ... so I whipped this up.

Grapes, Mousetraps, Hook and Thread ...and Brodie's Paw.

The tokens look nice, but... hmmm.

In the Dining Room.

I have most of the base set figurines painted now. I've also purchased a second set of the figures so I can convert them and use them for the boss-type creatures and other critters that are normally depicted by slipping a token under a common minion figure. I'll be getting on to those shortly ;)

The deadly cave centipede.

Mouse Hero 'Filch', the Scamp.

Rats, Rats and more Rats.

Pesky Roaches.

More Mice Heroes; Colin, Nez, Lily, Tilda and Maginos  ...primed and ready for painting.

Must get back and finish painting these figures. ~ Distracted by the 'Crusoe ;p

Here are a few pieces I've done for an M&M connoisseur over in Canada...

The 'Essentials' set.

Hook and Thread ...on pine.

Snappy new traps.

Tasty blue ...and his friends.

A new H&T for my set too ;)

Tile vs Sculpt.

And a few more pieces to add to the collection...


The fork.

Another assortment of cheeses.

Plump ripe grapes.

To the kitchen!

Some pieces heading off to Colorado, USA...

Hook and Traps.

A handful of gaming goodies.

The Cheddar Golem!

Standing along side some of the figures from the game.

From above...

...the rear...

...to the left...

...and the right...

Say cheese.

Speaking of cheese.

Mmmm ... yummy.

The hoard.

Off to a good home.



  1. I have a feeling he's broken the 5 second rule ;|

  2. Thanks for the Guide...I'll be making up the Cheese for our game.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Todd; indeed I do ;) Feel free to pm me with any request you may have.

  4. Do you sell these? This is my favorite game and would love to buy these!

    1. Hi Joseph, I do take commissions ...feel free to pm me with your email and I'll send you the details ;)

  5. First of all: I love your work.
    Secondly, I have no idea how to send a PM, but I'd also like to hear more about the possibility of a set of these. (especially if you also have the parts for some of the expansions as well)
    Last but not least, how do you feel about painting a full set of figurines, and sending them to Denmark? (I would of course pay for it. and send you the figurines to be painted)
    Anyways, I can be reached via mail: Murphorama@gmail.com

    Best regards from here :)

  6. Hi,
    Wonderful work! I am very interested in buying a set. Please email me for more information, commission etc.
    Best regards,

  7. Me too plz email me at tazzy6924@yahoo.com

    1. Hiya ... I tried sending you some info but unfortunately it keeps bouncing; feel free to pm me another email if you have one, and I'll try my luck again :)

  8. Hey i would like a complete set minus the cheese. Please. Can pay

    1. Cheers Jordy; feel free to drop me your email (using the contact form up on the right ... and I'd be happy to drop you my pricelist/ordering info).

  9. Hello! Great work! I am wondering where you were able to purchase extra figures for the game Mice and Mystics. I've been looking all over and have emailed Plaid Hat Games. I am just looking to purchase 8 roaches! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Thanks Nicki ... Yeah, those figures were acquired through Plaid Hat games; they used to offer a 'figures only' set, containing all of the M&M minis (it doesn't seem to be available now) :(

  10. Hi, love your work and am interested in buying a set off you in the future. Please send me all the relevent info, price, paymemt, shipping. rickbarnadas@gmail.com thanks

  11. Hi!! Your work is Amazing, do you think you could email me for a Whole set info? shipping, price, forms of payment and anything else that's important? I live in Mexico, my email is beatrizrb249@gmail.com

  12. Hi ! Very nice work, really :) Could you, please, send me some information about your M&M and Robinson's sets (price, payment, shipping, etc.) ? That would be very nice of you :) Here's my email : ann.marie.bergeron@gmail.com

  13. Hi love you work. Do you sell a set of these with the base game? Would appreciate a quotation of price and worldwide shipping). I can be reached at J.CHAN@LIVE.COM.MY

  14. Hi - I'm *very* interested in a commissioned full set - figures, painted, with the accessories/tiles. Please please please can you drop me an email with details / options / prices (including shipping - to the U.K.) to: robert.nowlan@hotmail.com

    This work is gorgeous and would make our copy of Mice and Mystics really come to life!

  15. Hi, are you still creating figures? I am interested too. Your work is amazing. Can you send me infos about a complete set for Robinson Crusoe board game shipping to France? Please contact me: Ludovic_valente@yahoo.fr

  16. Hi, I also love your work and am interested in buying a set off you in the future. Please send me all the relevent info, price, paymemt, shipping. siamaknaficy@yahoo.com thanks

  17. Hi.
    Could you possibly mail me on andreasflink@outlook.com
    Would really like some of your stuff made for my 'mice and mystics' game. 😊

  18. Afternoon.

    I, like many, are interested is getting a quote for getting my Mice and Mystic's base set painted.

    Thank you for your time.


  19. Are you still selling the extra cool pieces?

  20. Hi, are you still selling the small wedges of cheese?