Thursday, 22 August 2019

The Tapestry Revealed Further

A scattering more of my original polymer clay sculpts for the figurine casts found in Jamey Stegmaier's - of Stonemaier Games - soon-to-be-released civilization board game, Tapestry.

The Rubber Factory...

The Barn...

The Com Tower...

And, the Tank Factory...

I'll be posting more soon; ha ha ...yep, there's still more of them.



  1. These sculpture are really cool. Hope I can do something like these someday. I just got into sculpting and planning to pick up my own sculpture supply. This gets me really motivated.
    Do you have any tips for beginners? That would be really appreciated. Thanks

  2. Hi, not sure how to PM you. Love your work and I was wondering if you accept independently commissioned projects. I have many rich memories playing this old board game called Acquire with my dad. Over the 30+ years we've owned and played it so much it has gotten to be in a pretty tattered state. This Christmas I am really excited to pimp out the game in different ways and gift him a newer snazzier version.

    There are 7 hotel chains (Imperial, Continental, Worldwide, American, Festival, Tower, and Luxor) and I know that what would make the whole game really pop is having 7 sculpts made representing each chain on the board. Would you make these and for how much? If not, would be willing to recommend where I could turn to commision someone to make them?

    Rom, you can't be told enough: you're work is beautiful. Thanks for your consideration.