Saturday, 10 August 2019

More of the Tapestry Revealed

Some more of the Tapestry has come to light!

I can now reveal some of the figurines I created for Tapestry - from Stonemaier Games - found within the box, and a few more game components too...

The various buildings - cast in durable plastic and carefully hand painted.

All at home in their handy insert.

Each player has their own board where their Capital City takes shape.

The various miniatures - shown on the back of the box.

The board from whence the structures can be claimed.

I'll be posting photos of my original sculpts over the next several days ... so feel free to check back here if you'd like to see what was sent to Panda to undergo the casting process.

In fact, here's a peek at one now - the original Apothecary sculpt... :)

Note: the colouring on the casts in the game are not exactly as per the original sculpts - they are very close - but slight adjustments had to be made in production for various reasons. The actual colours themselves are a match - but the colours of certain areas may vary ... for example, the items on the small Apothecary bench (in the casts) are brown, not grey as shown here in the sculpt.

More pics to come ;)

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