Pimp my Game - Robinson Crusoe - Adventures on the Cursed Island

For some of my games, my favourite games, I on occasion like to give them a bit of a makeover.
Upgrading the components, wrangling things to make for a faster set-up, adding a bit of extra sparkle and such.

The first pimp was Mice and Mystics (still a work in progress)

Second up is...

Robinson Crusoe - Adventures on the Cursed Island

One of my latest purchases and now one of my favourite board games. Robinson Crusoe - AotCI (currently published by Z-Man Games) is a harrowing co-op/solo game of survival. Castaway after being shipwrecked on an unknown island, you must find shelter,  food, fend off wild beasts, explore, adventure, invent and build tools and various items, endure inclement weather and basically struggle to live.
...And that's just the basics.
There are a handful of different scenarios included ...from having to collect wood to build a bonfire ~ signalling a passing ship for rescue, exterminating esurient cannibals, escaping erupting volcanoes, exorcising profane spirits, or just facing the fact you'll never be rescued and setting in for the long haul.
The game is a challenge to win ...certainly not easy. Not one for those who can't handle being crushed by a game.

This is a game rich in theme and was in need of some serious pimpin'.
Time to swap out those wooden (and a few, heaven forbid, plastic) cubes for something a bit more fitting for a getaway on a desert island.

All components I've created were made using polymer clay.

Mmmm ...Bananas

Baking ...tasty Biscotti

Stacking wood and skinning critters

A very tropical setting

Rich in resources

Not for the faint of heart

It begins

Uh oh ..the camp fire's gone out

Fresh coconuts

Desert island

Fresh fish ...who's for sushi?


Pelts ...so sleek

The life of a castaway

Loaves ...the cook was busy

Steak ...rare

The palisade ... keeps those pesky tapir at bay

The roof ...handy in the wet season

Shelter from the elements

...or if you'd rather a leafy dwelling

Stones ...for the soup

Something sharp ... handy for tuning up the tiger

Wood ...more uses than you can shake a stick at

The fires of hope

Crates ...yep, little wooden crates

Another addition to the line-up, just completed the Storm marker...
The dry-brushing on the leaves looks a touch more vivid in these pics than on the actual piece. In reality it doesn't stand out quite so much.

A strong southerly that day

Batten down the hatches!

Looks like we'll be fixing the roof tomorrow

Coconuts on the menu ;)

...mmmm, what to do next.

I've just added these "Island" style platters to the 'Crusoe set ... they are the perfect addition to house the counters and tokens. They were on sale at Briscoes for a paltry NZ$14 (all four of em) :)
Those smooth curved sides are great when gathering up your fish and wood!

Mmmmm ... platter for 2

A few people have shown interest in possibly acquiring some of these pieces, so I'm currently in the process of creating 4 sets of  'food' markers. One set has dibs on it, but the other three will be available for purchase once complete. I'm also planning on making further sets of wood, hides and 'crate and stone' markers.
Prices are yet to be set. Feel free to comment or pm me if interested.

Bananas and coconuts still to come

I must say the life tracks on the character cards have been the one thing that I've found a bit 'fiddly' about this game ....too easy to knock the card and lose track of where you were. Not any more; I've come up with this Life Spinner. Printed out, glued to light card and foamcore, trimmed then assembled with a thumb-tack. Huzzah! ~ No more wandering life markers ;D

Spin your life away

These are the prototype spinners pictured (the morale arrows are actually pointing in the wrong direction). But they worked great in the game I had last night.

I've just sorted the arrows in the file and also made one for Friday too ...now available for download in the RC:AotCI file section of BGG.

I have yet to attempt the "Cursed Island" scenario ~ but soon shall be.
Now sculpted a set of 5 crosses and a handful of fog markers ...where's Father Karras when you need him.

The power of Christ compels you!

Exorcizo te, immunde spiritus

The fog is rising

It's rolling in, thick and fast!

The short cut is so handy and gets built so frequently I though the token deserved a makeover...

The scenic route

Don't stray from the path

Stay away from that dubious plant ...it looks hungry

How much farther?

There already!? ...That's one fine short cut

The nearby mountain has begun to grumble ...so I think it's time to prepare for the 'Volcano Island' mission.

The Cave, Small Temple, Underground Temple and Ruined Village

What lurks within?

Watch for crumbling rocks

Just make sure you're not the one being sacrificed!

I think I can hear chanting from within

I'm not going in there!

Ash pile markers and the Volcano tile now also complete ~ I'm looking forward to giving this scenario a whirl!

Not quite Mt. Doom ...but dangerous none the less

Reminds me of a certain Willard Price novel I read as a child ;)

Hopefully I don't get the Pompeii treatment

For a recent commission, all the way from the States; a nice new Shelter ~ in fur (for the map tile), along with a new Camp marker...

Cosy times ahead

The full commissioned set ...off to a fine 'game loving' home
on the far side of the world :)

A few pics from another commission; this one off to Denmark; includes a new fire that can sit atop the camp fireplace...

Time to get the marshmallows.

It's bigger on the inside.

More logs than a lumber yard!

And another commission, this time for a chap in South Korea...

The fire's ablaze!

Pelts a plenty.

My latest piece, the Natural Shelter...

It's not a mansion, but it'll do in a pinch.

As long as it keeps the rain off my bouffant.

A few pieces, from a set, off to a bloke in Spain...

An upgraded Round marker included.

I thought I'd add an image to show the scale of some of the sculpts ~ A double-A battery.
Note; the board-game in the background and stack of tiles are in fact from Mage Knight Board Game. Another great solitaire beast of a game that ranks right up there with the fine Robinson Crusoe: AotCI!

At last, a few more additions... four Cannibal Villages and the Cannibal City:

Come and stay in our tropical resort...

Take a dip in the soothing hot-water spring.

Don't mind if we pop in a few fresh veges ;)

Bring your whole family...

...we'd love to have you all over for tea.

Fresh food tokens; I thought it was time to make a few new additions to the tasty morsels available to our brave castaways...

Time for a banquet!

Parrot, condor ...or delicious dodo?

Fresh bread ...pass the butter.

Smoked fish, delicious.

The produce of one lucky goat.

...Maybe not such a lucky goat.

Fruit for dessert.

All we need now is a squeeze of lemon and some dill.

'Wasteland' pieces now created for the Robinson Family scenario...

Not the most verdant of locales.

Dry ...is an understatement.

Bring on the rainy season!

 And also Totem locations for the Jenny Needs Help! scenarios...


No happy times to be had here.

It fell...

...like the proverbial rock.

Watch your step!

Slippery rocks are the 3rd largest cause of accidents...

...suffered by the unwary castaway.

Those that came before.

Rest in peace.

Lets pray that...

...we can find something of use...

...amongst these tangled and broken remains...

...of our former vessel.

Our castaways have just discovered the location of a new food source... delicious mangoes are now on the menu (and will now also be included in future food token sets).

Oh so colourful!

...and delicious to boot.

A few more items from recent commissions...

Life markers.

A cosy spread.

Round and Camp markers.

Bird's eye view.

Looks like a nice place for a kip.

It's a camp-out.

Large fur and small leaf shelters.

A few tools of the trade.

Some new tasty fruity treats that will be appearing in the Food Token sets...

Sweet citrus.

Fruit salad.

Juicy watermelon.

In action.

Tropical harvest!

Tangy papayas.

Don't eat the pips!

And into the salad goes the pineapple.

This is currently a rather rare fruit.

Only one, grows upon the island.

Time for a Piña colada me thinks.

And now for something a little more savoury...

Wild field mushrooms, freshly picked.

Cook! It's time for a Stroganoff!

...or a hearty mushroom soup, delicious!

More pieces from some recent commissions...

Various tokens and Wasteland markers.

Volcano Island scenario locations.

Underground temple, Ruined Village, Cave and Small Temple.

The Roof marker.

Good to have...

...if you'd like to...

...keep the rain...

...from making your sammies soggy.

The Morale marker ...and a couple of Papayas.

The Palisade marker.

If you'd like to keep the wild beasties...

...out of you camp...

...this is a must.

The Weapon marker.

For those times when, despite your best efforts...

...that pesky wild llama breaks through...

...your palisade, and with a hungry look in it's eye,
makes a bee-line for your store of mangoes.

No one takes my mangoes! Time for some choppy chop chop!

A selection off to a nice chap Canada...

Fine furs.

Leaf shelter and blazing fire.


A balanced diet.

Crates washed upon the rocks.

Life tokens.

A snack.


The full haul. 

The time has come to pimp out those Determination tokens....

A similar size to the original tokens, but twice as thick.

Styled on the classic windlass.

I am determined to make more!

A commission that had to fight it's way through flood waters, strikes and petrol shortages to find its way to its destination in Paris...

A bundle o' goodies.

One serious campsite.

Here be tigers.

Sleek pelts.

An abundance of wildlife.

Food glorious food,

It's gone out!

A spark reignites.

Midnight snacks.

The structures.

Watch for nettles.

Fire has been discovered.

Keep out those critters.

Abandon all hope ye who enter.

Greenery for the thatch.

That's where the furs went.

Nothing like home.

Tools of the trade.

Alas poor Yorick...



Well stacked.

A few pieces for a cobber across the ditch (Aussie),
Including a new item and a few tweaked pieces...

The Morale marker ... in the shape of an island totem
as opposed to my regular Survivor Island style torch.

Totem rear.

A leafy shelter.

A home away from home.

The beach bach.

A castle fit for a king.

Smoked salmon.


Logs, cut from the ancient forest.

Fresh fish, with a new scale texture.

Coconuts ...time for a curry!

More snacks.

Well tanned leather.

The traps were full.

Another successful hunt.



  1. Absolutely amazing! So beautifully crafted and painted. Wow! Totally amazing. If you ever think of making them to sell, I'd love to be your first customer.

  2. Wow, awesome job! Do you use different colors of the clay? Just curious about how much is painted and how much is the color of the clay.

  3. Cheers for the kind remarks folks ;)
    Jason, I have been planning on making some for sale ~ I'll let you know once I've got some pieces available.
    Jennifer, yes ~ I do use different colours of clay. Very little has had paint used on it (just the wood and coconuts with the bark dry-brushed in a lighter brown, the desert island had the leaves dry-brushed in a lighter green, and the bananas had a brown ink washed down the gap between them to make them stand out a little better). The loaves and 'biscotti' had powdered chalk pastels brushed on their surface before baking to give that toasted look.
    Everything else though, straight clay.

    1. Would you be willing to make a video demonstrating some of your techniques for making these? They are really beautiful and fascinating.

    2. Unfortunately I don't have a good cam to take video ...and the one on my phone's a bit crap. I may though do a photo based tutorial following one of my next creations ...possibly the crosses, or cannibal villages.

    3. A picture tutorial or guide would be great! I have long followed you on BGG and my Mice and Mystics is the better for it! :) I am awed by your amazing sculpting skills.

    4. Thanks for the compliments Ben ;)
      I must say I really have to get back to finishing my M&M set; I still haven't finished painting those mice o_o
      I have been meaning to put up a bit of a sculpting tutorial ...but just, er, haven't got around to it yet. It's been a while I know since I said I'd do something. Okay ...watch this space ;)

    5. I would like to buy it. Where and how much it costs?


  4. COOOOLLLLLLL!!!!! me want :)

  5. These are amazing! I love it with your permission I would like to do a set for myself :) Did you use Fimo or Sculpey?

    1. Cheers Ege ;) ... I actually used a combination of Premo Sculpey, Fimo and Du-Kit. I'd love to see what you come up with ~ please let me know if you post any pics ;)

    2. I would like to buy it. Where and how much it costs?

  6. Will do Rom :) Thanks for the inspiration

  7. Blown away (and not by the weather die). These are absolutely beautiful! I would love to purchase a set.

  8. I'd love to share my own "pimp of the game". I have a wooden makeover of the "Niagara" board game. But I don't know how to post it all here.

    1. I'd love to see it val... do you have it shown on another site?
      If not, have you heard of (or already a member of) the site: www.BoardGameGeek.com?
      You can upload images to the galleries of the various games.
      I've also uploaded most of my pimpin' pics to the Robinson Crusoe gallery there too.
      On top of that, BGG is the top resource for anyone interested in anything board-game!

  9. Actually yes, i have them on BGG. I just wasn't sure it was so popular. Here is a link http://boardgamegeek.com/images/boardgame/13308/niagara

    1. Nice work there val ... love the paint-job. That beaver looks like he could give you a nasty bite ;p

  10. Superb, I am sure there would be a market for a delux version of our fav games like this one. We lost again last night - weren't able to uncurse the island after all. I was commenting that the time of little wooden cubes should be ending - so good to see pump work like this!

    1. Thanks Oinkfrog,
      I haven't tried to uncurse the island yet myself ...but I have just wrangled a bunch of crosses and some fog markers, and may just give it a try tonight!

  11. Hello,
    One question about the palisade, actually the wood. Do you cool it before you cut the tips (and the lines are they made with pen?)
    I tried to make it but compared to yours it looks like kid made it :(

    1. Hi Ege,
      My palisade was built in multiple bakes ... first I made the wood. I used the 'cane' technique. You may have heard of the method ... but if not here's a link to a basic tutorial explaining it (the tutorial's actually for a flower, but you'll get the gist).


      The cane I made was of of 2 tones of brown in concentric circles - fatter rings of the lighter brown, thinner rings of dark brown, and an outer fatter layer of dark brown for the bark.
      I made these canes, rolling them out into long sausages; I then rolled them over a textured surface to give the outer bark detail ...then baked them.

      After baking, I cut them to the correct lengths and cut the tips to spikes with a sharp blade.

      I then attached the wood pieces to each other using a small amount of clay that I ran along their base, and also I put a little clay between each wood piece (that I had thinned a bit with liquid Sculpey - to act like a glue) .. then I baked them again.

      I then made the spear and shield, the plant, and the rope binding and attached them to the wood and baked it all again.

      Following that, I made the base, pressing the wall into it to form a depression, then adding final details ... then I baked the base.
      When still hot and soft, after baking, I pushed the wall back into the slot to ensure it would fit tight.

      After it had cooled ... I removed the wall from the slot, added a dash of contact adhesive to the bottom of the wall, then pressed firmly back into place.

      A bit more than you asked for I know ... but anyway, that was the method to my madness ;)

      By the way, I think the one you've created is pretty nice ~ but if you do give it another whirl I'd love to see how it turns out ;)

    2. wow thanks so much for the detailed explanation. I haven't expected this much info, it's more than I can wish for. I will follow your exact instructions master clayer :) And of course I will post the new results.

      If I may ask one more question, what do you use to give the stone the texture? I tried a couple methods but it just didn't feel right.

    3. For the rocks and stones I use the rounded ends from a set of Sculpey tools.

      Here's a pic of the set I own...


      I got them from the local craft store.

      I used the large and medium round ends to apply the main surface planes to the stones, then occasionally the smaller tool to add a few extra details.
      I also use these to create most of the earth surfaces too.

      These Scupley tools also have a silicone end for shaping ...but I prefer the quality of the silicone 'Clay Shaper' tools. I've used the chisels in the range to apply the rock surfaces when a tricky angle is required. They come in varying sizes and firmnesses, but I've found the size #2 firm (black tips) tools are good for smaller-scale polymer clay projects.


      And just to mention if, for the grass (as you'd likely guessed) I use a wooden cocktail stick's pointed end ;)

    4. Ha ha .. sorry I just edited my reply ... the Scupley tool image link was going to a pic of cocktail sticks ;p

    5. ahahah cocktail sticks :)) Well that sculpey tool looks fancy. I will try to find it in Turkey if I can. If not I will find a suitable replacement.
      Thanks again for your help Rom.

  12. I got some wood and stones :) Could get some tips on the coconuts :)

    1. Nice work there Ege ;)

      I've made coconuts using 2 different methods.

      The first way was to make a stack of small disks of clay; a medium thickness mid-brown disk, a very thin dark brown one, then a thicker white layer.
      I then use the medium 'round' end of the Sculpey tool (shown in my above reply) to mould the dicks around into the 'half' coconut shape. I then applied the rough outer texture with a needle. Once cooked I trimmed the edge back a little to give it the broken and chipped look.

      The second method was to mould the layers over a small ball-bearing (new and shiny). A white layer first, followed by a thin dark brown layer, then a mid-brown outer layer. I then textured the outer with a needle to give it the husk look.
      After baking, I carefully cut the coconuts in half, popping out the bearing; then trimmed the edges to give the broken look as above.
      I found this method could leave creases in the white clay where it was pushed against the bearing - and also was prone to slight cracking in the shell due to the trapping of air within the sphere when baking. I just applied a little further clay into any cracks and creases after cutting in half, and re-baked.

      I must admit, out of all the 'resource-type' components, I found the coconuts the most fiddly ;p

    2. well Ron that sound crazy.. I think I will pass on those for now. I am planing on using the wood and stones for the other games as well. So I have few games using coconut ^^ :D
      But I would love some tips on the meat those look delicious and many games use some kind of food :)

      by the way here is my progress on the other stuff
      I couldn't make the tent stand straight! quite hard job, and your look excellent. I appreciate your work the more I try it...

    3. Those are looking great! I love those embers you've added to the camp fire ;)

      For the meat I used a similar method to the wood with the grain within... I made a cane.

      I made a 'sausage' of red clay, then wrapped it in a thin layer of translucent (mixed with a tiny amount of white, and an even smaller amount of yellow - just to tint it) ...for the fat.

      I cut the sausage into a few lengths, rolling out each into varying thickness'.

      I then lay them all upon each other in a stack, adding one more rolled out length of red (without the fat wrap), then pressed them together, rolling a little, to form another sausage.

      I then made another 'fat' mix, using a little more white in this one (but still not much). I flattened out a strip of this then applied down one side of the meat cane to form an area of thicker fat.

      I now reduced the cane in length, forming it into a bit of a triangular shaped sausage. Once it was the right thickness, I then cooled the clay in the fridge for a bit to firm it up ... then sliced it into nice steaks.

      I screwed up a couple of bits of tin foil, then flattened them to form two thickish pieces. Each about the size and thickness of half an Oreo biscuit. Then I placed a steak on top of one foil piece, and placed the other foil piece on top of the steak. I pressed the foil pieces lightly together ~ enough to press the texture into the steak, but not so much as to squash the steak.

      Bake your steak ... Voilà!

      I really must get back to making more pieces for this game ... I've been a bit slack of late. Have actually been spending too much of my time 'playing' instead of 'creating' ;p

    4. Oh, I also mixed a good dose of translucent clay into the red too, to drop it's opacity back a touch ;)

  13. Thanks coming from you thats a huge complement :D

    I really need to get a couple packs of translucent clay I got none left :( And after that I can try to make me some steaks thanks to your recipe :)))

    never thought about using foil to give shape, great idea.

    I've slacking as well :( Spending a lot time on Star Wars LCG :) I recommend it if you like star wars + card games.

    I look forward to your new creations :)

  14. Amazing job Rom !!!
    you're an artist !

    do you sell some of the components ? (would be interested)

    1. Hi Yann ... sorry for being so rude in taking so long to reply to you (I didn't seem to get a message alert from Blogger).
      Thank you very much for your kind words ;)
      I do indeed take commissions for sculpting these components.
      Feel free to pm me via my BoardGameGeek profile (just click the envelope above my avatar) if you're still interested...
      ... I check that more often than my regular email ;)

    2. G'day Rom!
      I only just bought Crusoe as a solo game to take away during the Chrissy holidays. Thus I found your excellent blog! I've pimped my whole Agricola set and Glen More, so it was only natural to get cracking on Crusoe. I LOVE your work and have been heavily inspired by your attention to detail. Its amazing.
      One thing I'm confused about is non-perishable food.... What do you use to replace the orange wooden cubes? I guess its the bread?
      I was thinking of making some barrels - you know, pickled fish or some such.
      Anyway wonderful work! I'l post some pics on BGG when I'm done :)

    3. Hey Noofy,
      Indeed, you are correct ~ I decided to do baked goods as the non perishables. Maybe not the most "castaway" of fare, ha ha ...I guess the cook found some wild grains to grind :)
      I do like your idea for barrels of pickled fish; would be keen to see them if you make some! I checked out your work on BGG ~ very stylee ...I particularly like the nibbled drumstick ;p
      Hmmm... now you've got me thinking. I may have to try my hand at some dried fish fillets or beef jerky, possibly some tasty rashers of bacon ... oh darn it, now I've come over all peckish like ~ off to get a sandwich ;)

  15. Wow! Nicely done. I've rebuilt some of my games (like Magic Realm) to update the graphics (Karim Chakroun's beautiful designs in the case of Magic Realm but never anything like this. Astounding....and outstanding!

    Mike @http://boardgameempire.ca

  16. Let me know when and what you start selling. I'd definitely be interested in buying, Amazing craftsmanship.

    1. Hi Jimmy, thanks for the compliment. I am currently taking commissions. If you can pm me an email address I'll fire through the prices and ordering info through to you. ;)

  17. I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to look at your beautiful and amazing sculptures. A recent convert to board games I am busily painting (very badly) the figures for Arkham Horror but already own Mice and Mystics (which is how I found my way here) Take a bow...this is art of a very high standard.

    1. Thank you so much :) I really appreciate your kind words.
      Hearing someone has enjoyed looking at my art always brings on a big smile ;) Cheers.
      BTW. Don't be too hard on yourself regarding your own painting; practice makes perfect, so they say ... and I bet your figs likely look better than you think ;)

  18. Rom, these are absolutely beautiful. Being a huge fan of the RC game myself, I would love some of those markers. I have tried to find a way to send you a PM on Google+ and through the blog, but I can not - the means escapes me, lol! Let me know how I can send you a PM so that I can get some quotes from you on commissioned pieces. Thanks!

    1. Hi BionicPerry,
      thanks for the compliments :)
      Annoyingly there is no blog pm, but in my Google+ profile, if you look beneath my avatar or to the top-right of the screen ~ there should be 'speech bubbles' shown - click one of those for the 'hangout' function ...or feel free to just contact me via "rombrown @ xtra . co . nz" ...remove the spaces :)

  19. Your work is awesome. I was really proud of my little amateur pieces, but they're just sad compared to this level of quality. Well done! I tip my hat to you, sir!

    1. Cheers for the kind words Chanti ;)

    2. Least I could do! Am truly in awe of your talent. I love looking at your work!

  20. My goodness, you are so talented and these are utterly amazing works of art. One day I'd love to purchase an entire set...

    1. Thanks so much Virginia :) One day, I'd be very happy to make you a set ;)

  21. i'd also want to buy the whole set :)
    Its totally amazing!!!

    1. Cheers klikker,
      feel free to drop me your email via the contact form above right, and I'd be happy to send you a price-list :)

  22. HI,
    I am interseted in buying this set. Could you contact me here: gael.c.caro@gmail.com?

  23. HI,
    I am interseted in buying this set. Could you contact me here: Neung4play@gmail.com?

  24. Hello,
    Me too :D
    Your work is just amazing.

    Thank you


  25. I would like to buy it. Where and how much it costs?

    1. Hi Hubert,
      if you'd like to give me your email (either here ... or send it to me using the Contact Form ~ up near the top of the page in the right hand column) I'll happily send you my price list and ordering info.

  26. Hello)
    Inform me please too. Want to buy.
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Antowwwka :)
      sure thing... if you'd like to give me your email (either reply here ... or send it to me using the Contact Form ~ further up the page here) I'd be happy to send you my price list and ordering info.

  27. Hello! You have a very beautiful work! I would be glad if you would let the value of your work to this address: asker01autlev@mail.ru

  28. I would love to buy this how can I purchase this ? Can this deliver to korea ?? Plz let me know My email is Amy1118.k@gmail.com

  29. Hi, could you please send me a price list for the Robinson Crusoe stuff. What about shipping to europe ? My email is thomas.guentert@gmx.de


  30. I'd like to know the price, too. Thanks. Robinson Crusoe set.

  31. Hi, could you please send me a price list for the Robinson Crusoe stuff. What about shipping to Brazil ? My email is neto@grupovaenza.com.br

  32. Hi, could you please send me a price list for the Robinson Crusoe stuff. What about shipping to Malaysia ? My email is eun1990@hotmail.com

  33. Great stuff, amazing really. Was really interested in the fruit/food you've made, bananas, coconuts and pineapples. Also have you considered making tobacco/leaves? Anyway I'd love to purchase 20 of each. Thanks for your time. Roswurm@gmail.com

  34. Hello.nYour work is just amazing. I am interseted in buying this set. Thanks for your time.

  35. Holy crap, that's some awesome material! I am interested, please send me a price for this to m@m-flame.de


  36. Cheers guys! (you should all have received price-lists, as I sent them out upon you posting here).
    Best wishes and Happy gaming!

    1. I did not receive the price list. Can you please send it to anibalribeironeto@gmail.com? Thanks!

    2. hi, I did not receive it either.


      Could you send it again please?

    3. Sorry about that guys ... I'd replied to the blogger comment prompt emails; not your actual emails. My bad.
      You should have the info now though :) Cheers.

  37. Hello.nYour work is just amazing. I am interseted in buying this set. Thanks for your time.

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  39. Hi, amazing things you've crafted. If you're still selling, please contact me with price list st_pauli AT hotmail DOT com

  40. AMAZING! I sent an email to you (from scottytat20@gmail.com). I look forward to placing an order with you! :)

  41. Very nice work. I love it! I'm also interested in this upgrade. Please send me a price and set list in e-mail

  42. Everything look so nice. I am very interested in this project. Can I also request a price-list ? Thank you very much

    my email is : ash32112@gmail.com

  43. Amazing work! May I ask for a price/item list too? Would love to have some of these, if you're still making them :) My e-mails is katya.kk@gmail.com

  44. Wow pure amaze.
    I'm afraid I need a price list for this game as well. It just makes me want to play.

  45. same here, i'd buy a set! if you're selling these as comissions please let me know - douglaswbrown at gmail dot com

  46. This is truly amazing and I would also be very interested in purchasing a set. Please could you contact me: sean.cleworth@gmail.com.

  47. love your work! please send a price list to stuntmanmatt@gmail.com

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    Many Thanks

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    Whatsapp about shipping to Poland?
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  67. WOW It`s amazing
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    1. Hi Steve ... if you'd like to drop me your email addy - either here in the comments, or via the contact form above, I'd be happy to fire you prices and info on commissioned sculpts.
      Cheers Rom ;)

  69. Cheers Rom, I'm mrsmrandall@googkemail.com

  70. That should be mrsmrandall@googlemail.com sorry for typo.

    1. Ha .. no worries :D I just fired one off to googkemail ...then though "that's an odd address" - that'll be why ;)

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    1. Thanks very much Steve ... I thoroughly enjoyed crafting those for you too. I hope they make your time spent on the Cursed Island a little easier to endure - at least give you something pretty to gaze upon as the wild animals gnaw at your toes and the torrential sleet destroys your roof and chills you to the bone :P
      Best wishes and Happy Birthday! :)

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