Thursday, 26 February 2015

Only the foolish visit the Land of the Cannibals

After a rather lengthy Summer school holidays spent wrangling the young'uns, followed by about a month of being under the weather with some nasty bug ~ which I must say has still got the remnants of it's claws in me; I have managed to get a few more items created for my Robinson Crusoe: AotCI set.

Four Cannibal Villages and the Cannibal City have sprung up; all ready to house a plethora of esurient  natives with a penchant for tasty castaway morsels.

Almost looks like a tropical resort ....almost.

Every cannibal dwelling needs a water feature.

Ahh... the soothing sound of falling water.

Fresh herbs growing out the back ...for that bouquet garni.

Hmmm ...what's for breakfast?

Sooo tranquil...

Have you tried the salt'n'pepper back rub?

Bleached bones ...tourists LOVE bleached bones.

A couple of quick sketches before the main sculpt.



  1. Amazing work!
    Which or your models are "painted" and which are made of coloured clay? Can't tell which are which =)

    1. Cheers Victor ;)
      I haven't been using paint for some time now on my pieces (the only items I still do actually use a touch of paint on are the bananas in the Robinson Crusoe food token sets - a thin brown ink wash between the fruit).
      In the past I had only used paint (a light dry-brush) on the R.C. Turn marker (on the leaves on the little palm on the desert island), on the R.C. Storm marker (again on the leaves), and on the R.C. Wood tokens and Coconuts (once again a light dry-brush, of brown).
      But I found I didn't really like the tactile feel of the paint on the pieces - much preferring the straight 'polymer clay' feel.
      I also have used powdered artist's chalk in the past to colour some items ~ specifically the earlier R.C. Loaves and 'Toast' ~ but these had to be varnished; and I also wasn't a big fan of the feel.

      So I now create all my pieces in straight clay (bar the use of ink on the bananas as mentioned).


    2. Oh ... and I also don't have to worry about any paint 'wear' on the pieces ;)

    3. Oh.... so the "skull cave" above in grey is just a mock up before doing the final piece in coloured polymer clay?
      Looking at it more closely now I realise that the grey and the coloured one are actually of different design.

    4. Indeed, the grey one is the rough prototype.
      I don't usually do them; but for that I wanted a vague idea of how it was all going to squeeze together ;)