Friday, 11 December 2015

A Finger in several Pies

After several weeks working on a couple of other projects, namely, carving a rather large slab (just over a meter tall) of stone (commissioned as a Birthday gift) and creating a handful of pictures for a recent exhibition - a group exhibition, including works by myself, my sister, mother, and also my father, Peter Brown, who passed away in 2005... I have picked up my Zahle Wax Carver no.5 and sat down to sculpt some more clay.

These pieces are heading off to a fine man in Canada. 
To accompany his copy of the Mice and Mystics board game, this selection of sculpts will be being added to an already established collection.

It's certainly a satisfying task, making a fellow gamer's enjoyment of games even more enjoyable through your artwork.

A nutty Swiss and tangy Blue.

The ever-handy Fork.


The Grape's of Rats.

Looks like we're heading for the Kitchen.

As well as the M&M, a few pieces for the Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island board game were also requested...

The finest furs.

Crates washed upon the rocks.

The Log Lady would be proud.


The life of the party.

Home wasn't built in a day.

You only had one job!


Now that's a desert island this castaway
wouldn't mind being washed upon.

Currently in transit; fingers crossed the bundle arrives in time for Christmas :)

In case any one is interested, here are a few snaps of the stone slab that buffed, scuffed and calloused my hands over a few weeks - the first stone carving I have attempted - I must say I quite enjoyed doing it, and may well try my hand at it again some time...

The Green Man.

The Rose of Yorkshire.

The stars are right.

Field of grass.

A shaggy Scottie.

Phew ...completed.

Here also are are snaps of some of the pieces that were in the exhibition, including my RC:AotCI pieces...

From the depths.

The brew.

Tea and cakes with Mr Beasley.

Visage #1.

Visage #2.

Robinson Crusoe on display, works by
my sister and mother on the walls.

Happy Gaming!

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