Monday, 15 February 2016

Back to School

Well, it's been a great Summer break (near on 2 months), but the kids are now both happily back to classes for a fresh new year (my daughter's first at high-school) :D

I think this holiday season saw the most board-gaming ever with the young'uns; especially my youngest, now at an age where he's able to grasp some trickier rules concepts.

We played a wide range of games ... but their favourites, I believe, were Neuroshima Hex (for my son) and Tides of Time (for my daughter); both fabulous pieces of work.

A few snaps of some of the action...

Admiring the beautiful board that is Pillars of the Earth.

Victorious among the colourful islands of Bora Bora.

A plan comes together in Tides of Time.

Pondering his next move in Neuroshima Hex.

Devising the perfect summoning pattern in Tash Kalar.

Everfrost advances upon Tash Kalar's Highlanders .

Deus, a great game of construction and combos.

The Roman general calmly looks over the battlefield

Revelling in another Commands and Colors: Ancients victory;
double swords for the win!

That's how I roll.

Great stuff ... looking forward to the next holiday break.

Happy Gaming!

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