Saturday, 29 April 2017

Le Grande Totem

A couple of weeks back I got to create this set of pieces for an avid Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island player, from Boston, Massachusetts.
He requested a Morale marker, similar to one I had had made previously, in a double-faced totem style ...but this one was to be extra chunky!
At twice the height of the previous, it certainly has quite the nice weight to it :) Fun to sculpt too.

Sad face.

Happy face.

The usual suspects.


Thatching the roof.

Preparing to defend the estate.

Tropical bliss.

Don't let PETA see this.

Leathery hides.

Mmmmm... yummy!

Nuts from below.

Paradise ...or is it?

A home away from home.

Yes, the Ti-pi is sitting on the lid of Mombasa,
another fabulous game!

Tasty morsels.

Surf and turf.

A smorgasbord of organic, GE-free produce.

Nice and chunky.

Good times.

Hopefully this'll keep that pesky tiger away from our steak.

A good day at the office.

Packaged up (almost) and ready to send!

If you'd like, you can check out a bit more of my Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island pimpage here.


  1. Hi! How can I contact you to see about having some of these made? Amazing work!

    1. Thanks for the compliments :)
      There is a contact form above ... or feel free to leave your email here and I'll contact you.

      I am though, currently, taking a short break from my sculpting, as I have a few other arty projects on my plate I need to take care of.

      I do though plan to return to my sculpting at some time in the future, and offer commissions for them again.

      So yeah, if you're keen for something when I'm back up and running, drop me your details and I'll be in touch :)

  2. Hey man I love your work, think you’ll start offering these pieces again because I’m super interested in these pieces, Love your work!