Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Storm's a Comin'

Taking a bit of a break from my usual wranglings to throw a splash of paint at some greenskin archers.

Just need a dose of varnish.

Strolling through French fields

High five!

2-stroke shields.

They're for an avid tabletop war-gaming mate who unfortunately couldn't make it down the island this weekend.
It appears he's a touch apprehensive regarding a certain encroaching patch of inclement weather ... and likely with good reason. Cyclone Pam (who was rather cruel to the unfortunate people of Vanuatu) is but a few hours north of us and coming our way.
Here's where she's sitting as I write this...

Lets hope the chap who put our house together knew what he was doing!

Well, time to batten down the hatches ~ fingers crossed I will post again soon ...gulp.


  1. Baton down the hatches! Classic Orcs! I love the detailed stripes.

    1. "One stripe? No, lets blow the whole budget and go two!!!"
      ...the best decision Arraboyz' captain Grank ever made.
      Cheers Darcy :)

    2. The bows are made from pale yew, painted with an orange stripe for every kill, until only two remain. Only then is the archer recruited into Grank's squad.

    3. Yes, ha ha... at least that's the rumour they like to seed in the enemy camp before the battle ;p