Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tasty Tropical Treats

I sat down this afternoon to create a handful of coconuts for some commissioned Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the cursed Island Food token sets, only to find that I had completely forgotten to restock my store of white polymer clay.

Oh no! Will our castaways have to go hungry this eve?
It appears not; Intrepid hunter-gatherer Reginald has returned from a day's foraging, arms piled with delicious ripe mangoes.
Hurrah for Reginald!

These will make a great sorbet.

Colourful ...and scrumptious.

I'm afraid it'll be back up those coconut palms tomorrow Reginald. No rest for the wicked.

These mangoes will be included as part of the fruit selection in my current food token packs.
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