Thursday, 16 April 2015

Flight of Dragons

Not really game related as such ...but I thought I'd pop this up none the less.

My sister-in-law had popped back over to New Zealand from Hong Kong (or Honkers, as she likes to call it) for a handful of days.
While here, I created this Baby Red Dragon pendant for her as a belated Birthday present.

I sculpted it on the final evening of her stay into the wee small hours, and as a consequence, managed to sleep in and miss her discovery of the piece in the morning ...and departure. Fingers crossed she found it worthy of adorning ~ and also had a good flight ;)

Hopefully he won't get too frisky on the flight
...luckily he won't grow wings until he's a little older.

I think he's just woken up.

But two inches from nose to tail-tip
...I've heard though the adults can grow much larger.

Happy travels!

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