Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ye Gods ....It's Alive!

After a few years in the making, the Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded Edition is now in print, and in pdf for free download. A compendium of obscure deities and demigods, their minions and related artifacts and objet d'art.

Compiled from the writings and illustrations of many different authors and artists, this 370+ page tome is a fabulous resource for any fantasy RPG games-master.

Among the leaves of this hefty volume can be found a scattering of pictures by yours truly.
A few to be found...

Black as midnight on a moonless night, it's... Ixomant.

For that real Fear Factor, try a Churfaz smoothie.

Ogrimox ...I think it's time you started using 'head and shoulders'. 

U'illa ..."EEL!!!!!!!"

...and if you look closely within, you may even spot a few more.



  1. Ixomant always struck me as somewhat vaginal in appearance! Hey Rom, you are an incredible artist. Thanks for helping make the kiwi contribution to this book outstanding.

    1. Ha ha... yes well, now you've made him even more terrifying ;p
      Well, you're not too shabby when it comes to art yourself ~ all in all, a great job!

  2. Here's a coincidence and another NZ link ROM - I did the layout for the original edition of this back when it was James Maliszewski's project, and it was left in the lurch when he went AWOL. Then Gorgonmilk wrapped up that edition and made it available from his site. I'm glad to see that this expanded, new edition has finally been released, and surprised and pleases to see you have illustrations in it - which are lovely by the way!
    Universal Head

    1. Cheers UH :)
      A small world you say.
      The multi-talented Mr Darcy Perry (comment above) is to thank and/or blame for getting me involved in this project ... He inquired as to whether I'd like to have a whirl at one of the illustrations he'd actually been offered to create ~ I thought, that's a bit of me ... it was "Jexvenna the Despoiler"; and things went from there.

      Oh, and yes; I've been very slack, I admit, getting that tute written up ~ too much gaming and not enough writing: I recently acquired Commands and Colors: Ancients, and I find it very hard to resist ...especially when I'm asking myself for a round ;p
      And with Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear arriving in the next day or 2, I really must discipline myself. Who's smart idea was it to come up with games you can play solitaire anyway!!!

  3. Wow, I just downloaded the PDF and was very surprised indeed by the very kind atttribution Richard gave me. What a nice guy. Wasn't expecting that! I've just ordered a hardback.

    1. Nice :)
      Oh yes ... I have a hardback heading my way also ~ looking forward to seeing it all in print.

    2. I' going to have to commission you for some illustration work, this is excellent stuff.

      No hurry on the tutorial, whenever you can. :)