Monday, 29 August 2016

Towering Goblinferno!

Another cluster of Stronghold 2.0 pieces now completed.
The orcs, trolls and crazed goblins will be able to avoid the searing oils poured upon them from the walls above ... now that they have these shiny new Siege Towers.

To the walls!!!

The mock-up and the tile to be replaced.

Don't eat it! it's not Cadbury.

Almost ready to begin assembly.

Orcs love their spiky bits.

Time to reinforce.

Thems won't falls ta bits now.

Further work needed.

They should look pretty tidy on the board ...once finished.

Wheels and platforms in place.

Alongside the mantlets ... the goblinoid arsenal grows.

All done; ladders in place, as I said, to the Walls!!!!

No rest for the wicked ... more war-machines for the trollkin hoard are required.

Happy gaming!

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