Friday, 2 September 2016

I've a Ballista on my Finger

Further Stronghold 2nd Edition progress.
Time to send in some huge flying pointy things to knock them pesky tin cans off the walls.

A tricky build ... these Ballistas took several levels of construction with bakes in between; but it was certainly fun creating them and I am pretty chuffed with the result.

I think the Orcs will be smiling as they roll these up to the ramparts.

Small "giant" crossbows.

What scale are these? ...Greyscale.

A mock-up before the real machines roll out.

From the rear.

The platform takes shape.

Quality native timber.

Fine goblinoid workmanship.

The dangerous parts.

Under wraps for the evening - keep that evil dust at bay.

Mounted, and ready for...


...and cranks.

Final assembly about to begin.

And... done!

The three completed war-machine types so far. 

Now just (ha ha ...just) the Trebuchets and Onagers to go; well, for the goblinoid war-machine part of the project anyway. Time to sketch up some blueprints.

More Stronghold 2nd Edition pimpage coming soon.

Happy gaming!

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