Saturday, 10 September 2016

Siege the Moment

Another update on my Stronghold 2nd Edition pimp.
I had a niggling feeling that something was missing from the war-machines ... then it came to me ... they needed to be based. Sure, they looked pretty tidy sitting on the board as is, but a base would give them a little more presence, and a more sturdy feel ... especially the mantlets with their long wooden arms at the rear.

Orcish siege towers, ready for the walls.

Goblinoid ballistas...

It's the pointy bit that you have to look out for!

Trollish mantlets...

Great for avoiding those ever-so-annoying sharp feathered sticks.

Cauldrons for the castle walls...

Ready to cook some dastardly invaders.

All based up and prepped for action.

No bases required.

The first shipment.

Will be onto the trebuchets and onagers soon ... watch this space ;)

Happy gaming!

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