Saturday, 12 November 2016

Return to the Cursed Island!

A new set of my sculpted board game components, for Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island,  has arrived at its destination in the UK, and are now safely in the hands of their owner.

I got make a few variants on some of the pieces I had previously created for myself and others in this lot. New look Weapon, Roof and Palisade markers, as well as a double-sided Morale totem ... one side - with a smile - for when morale is high, and another - with a scowl - for when morale is down.

Individually personalised Cross markers displaying stones engraved with epitaphs included, and Traps for the King Kong scenario ... with bananas for bait!
A Military Might marker for 7 Wonders: Duel was also requested.

A glimpse of the motherload.

A most enjoyable (and pretty lengthy) commission.

One note I would like to make for those who may be interested in placing commissions. Please be aware of tariffs/import taxes you possibly may have to pay to have your parcel released to you by your postal service. Many countries don't charge a fee, but some do, as the UK resident who placed this commission discovered!

I do make note of this within my price-list/ordering info pdfs, and also on the invoices I send out.

I don't like the ecstasy people should be feeling when receiving my pieces to be marred by an unexpected fee. So please, hit up your local postal service if unsure, before placing a order! :)

Determination tokens,
plus a few alternate ones for special situations. 

The "two-faced" Morale marker.

New Palisade, Roof and Weapon markers.

...and their backs.


A nice, warm, home away from home.

Wasteland markers.

Have a heart, or four.

Food glorious food.

Furs from the local wildlife.

It's a TRAP!

El fuego.

A tiny desert island... as the Round marker.

The 7 Wonders: Duel, Miliatary Might marker.

The grand collection!


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