Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Circle of Life

I was finding the life tracks on the bottom of the player cards in Robinson Crusoe: AotCI a touch fiddly, so I decide I'd whip up some Life Spinners. Now I don't have to fret about knocking those little markers off the cards ...and can focus on gathering kippers for tea ;)

The life of a castaway

Yes, I am aware the morale arrows are in fact pointing the wrong way ... oops ;p
I'll be fixing that small error though, then submitting it to the RC:AotCI files area on the Board Game Geek shortly ~ so those who'd like to spin their castaway's lives away can print them out and do so.

Edit: These Spinners are now available for download on the 'Geek ;)
Polish language versions are available too,
as well as German language versions (kindly translated by 'Geek user plissk3n)


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