Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Storyteller and the Goblins

With the encroaching arrival of the Teller of Tales, my daughter is having to pull finger and get to it. Partially my fault ..ok, mostly my fault, for not trimming them up with the knife & needle file and undercoating them ...sooner.

Eek ...The goblins are coming!

Anyway, a troop of devious Goblin Archers is now under way.
To keep her composed and the task progressing I touched up the odd drawing-outside-the-lines.
I also couldn't resist the goblin's charms and found I had to paint one myself ;)
And in a handful of hours over a couple of days 4 of 10 are complete ...sans basing.

It's the pointy bits that hurt the most

Pincushin' 'em boys!

She's pretty happy with herself :) ...so more green-skins on the horizon.

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