Friday, 28 February 2014

Elementary my dear Watson

The lens on my camera isn't too hideous ...  it unfortunately though isn't a macro. I can get some pretty good results with it shooting my minis ... but I thought, just for fun, I'd grab my old hand magnifying glass - set it up held firmly in the small vice I have here, and take a few shots through it.
I must say I was pretty happy with the results ~ and the reflections in the magnifying glass as well as the odd focal blurs I feel gives them a curious ethereal feeling.

The figures are from the small display cabinet I have on my wall above my PC; all 3 were painted more than a few years back...

Rogue Trader - Cyborg - Citadel.

Eldar Farseer conversion - with Vermin Lord crystal and Orc Sword - Citadel

Plague Knight - Heartbreaker

Hmmmm ....I think I shall use the magnifying glass again :)

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  1. 2019 and this is the first I've ever heard anyone mention using a magnifying glass for macro shots. I really like the results. Here I thought I was very creative when it came to photography, all that money I spent on macro lenses too. I like to photograph flowers, so now I'm going to try this out on them and after that some ants!