Friday, 14 February 2014

I Smell a Rat!

If you've checked out my Pimp My Game page you would have seen I'm slowly but surely tweaking up my copy of Mice and Mystics (by Jerry Hawthorne of Plaid Hat Games). It's a charming adventure game where the heroes are mice (go figure) ...well, humans that have been transformed into mice. I'm a huge fan of this game .. I love it! My kids love it, and now, we have their friends scratching at the door (not dissimilar to Brodie the Cat) trying to get in on the action. And who could blame them. The story is a big part of the game, it's well written and really draws you in. There's action, intrigue, treasure, traps, magic and battles galore. Rats, bugs, the resident castle cat, a deadly crow ...and more!

Well, I've just thrown up my latest additions, some of the figurines, painted...

This is Filch, the Scamp - watch your pockets, he won't hesitate to relieve you of your change.

Check out the other figs on the Pimp my Game page.


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