Friday, 14 February 2014

Like father like daughter

My daughter (aged 11) asked the other day ..."Dad, can I paint one of your miniatures?".
I rummaged around in my box, found a plastic GW Orc Archer; I gave her a couple of brushes, a tumbler of water, some paint and my home-made wet palette and I must admit I was quite surprised with how well she did. I gave her a step by step of how do do things along the way, but she did all the painting herself ~ bar a couple of touch ups and a highlight or 2 at the end I helped her with.

This was the result...

I think I've got some competition ;)

Following that, she was keen do do more. These ones she did without any 'hands on' help from me, just the occasional bit of advice...


She decided this one was called Ralph

Mayhem and chaos

She then pointed up a warband for Song of Blades and Heroes, including Ralph, his two Orc 'friends', and a rag-tag band of other misfits; then proceeded to wipe me from the table without herself suffering a single casualty -_o

Good times.


  1. So, the pupil becomes the master! Excellent painting skills. Well done!

  2. Yes, it could be time to pass on the golden 00 sable ;)

  3. That's amazing for a beginner. My own daughter has started building scenery with me which has been a lot of fun. Want to try her again on minis now that she has developed the hand-eye coordination drawing a lot the last couple years.

  4. Great stuff ;) Mine's been helping create some of our terrain also ~ fun times indeed.