Friday, 28 February 2014

Ægir be praised!

Just a friendly heads up on the Shipwrights of the North Sea Kickstarter project.

I've mentioned previously that this was under way ... but just thought I'd confirm it has reached it's funding goal (of $8k). In fact it's surpassed that and has now just hit it's 4th "Push Goal" ($30k)!!
That's new cards (more townsfolk, buildings and a fresh ship), added vp chits, a starting player marker, not to mention a full component upgrade ... that's a linen laminate on the cards, board and box, higher quality wooden components and a custom box insert!
If this wasn't a worthwhile purchase before (and it was) ... it certainly is now.

Shipwrights of the North Sea -- Kicktraq Mini

Forgive the overflow ^

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